Monday, September 21, 2015

Band Finally Under Way!

I'm happy to say that the Rio Vista band program is finally under way under the direction of our new band director Ben Morey.  Here is  the tentative schedule for band, subject to possible revision.

     Flute Mon. 10:15, Wed. 12:30 
     Trumpet Mon. 10:45, Wed. 1:00 
     Clarinet Mon. 12:30, Wed. 12:30
     Saxophone Mon. 1:00, Wed. 12:30

     Percussion Mon. 1:30, Wed. 1:30

If your child has band, they need to bring their instrument to school Monday and Wednesday.  They should take their instruments home at the end the day so they can practice.  The best way to get better at an instrument is to practice.

     1.  Math Mr. Spaulding:  p. 117-118
                   Mrs Thompson: no homework.
                   Ms. Nuzum:  p. 91-92
     2.  If you were Nipper, where would you go?
     3.  Read for half an hour.
     4.  Get parent initials.

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