Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Writing as a Process

We had a fantastic visit with the author Paula Yoo today.  Our fourth graders asked lots of great questions after her presentation.  Mrs. Yoo emphasized how writing is a long process, involving research and preparation before writing, and lots of hard work in revision.  But writing can also be a lot of fun, and it is great feeling when you get a book published.

    1.  Math:  Mr. Spaulding: p. 497-498.
                      Mrs. Thompson:  p. 495-496.
                      Ms. Nuzum:  p. 399-400.
     2.  What did you learn from our author today?
     3.  Read for half an hour.
     4.  Get Jump Rope for Heart signatures.
     5.  Get parent initials.

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