Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Basket Making

Chumash Basket
Chumash House

In our study of the history of California we are learning how important baskets and basket making was for the Native Americans of California.  The local Chumash Indians were particularly noted for their basket making skills.  They used baskets for gathering, storing, preparing and serving food, holding water, keeping money and other valuables, measuring acorns for trade, carrying babies, in gambling, as gifts, and for ceremonies. Even the Chumash house was much like an upside-down basket.

Today's homework:
     1.  Math Mr. Spaulding:  no homework.
                   Mrs Thompson: p. 213-214.
                   Ms. Nuzum: p. 134
     2.  Describe three problems Palmer has.
     3.  Read for half an hour.
     4.  Get parent initials.

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